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Your Customers
Are Online.

You Should Be Too.

  • Reach new customers online

  • Develop a social media strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization support

  • Create and configure your website or online store

  • Streamline business processes using digital tools

Digital Economy Program - Business Owners Alberta
Digital Economy Program - Young Business Women Alberta


Digital Economy Program

The Digital Economy Program is designed to help your small business expand online. This FREE program is funded by the Government of Alberta, Prairies Economic Development Canada in conjunction with Business Link and Digital Main Street

The program will be delivered by Community Futures Centre West in partnership with local municipalities - City of Airdrie, Town of Canmore, Town of Cochrane, Town of Crossfield, Kananaskis Improvement District and Rocky View County.  

Eligible businesses can access our Local Digital Service Squad (DSS) – free 1-on-1 assistance for building a digital presence. 

We Are Here to Help

The Digital Economy Program is FREE and will provide your small business with 1-on-1 local assistance with a DSS member. Services include training and advisory support to assist with digital strategy development, Google Business Profile assistance, social media posts, 360° photos for your businesses, and more.


The DSS wants to help you grow YOUR digital skills – skills that are essential to succeed in today’s competitive environment. 


The best part?  You’ll receive help from those who understand your community.  How does it work?  Read on!

How it Works

How It Works

Taking Your Business to
the Next (Digital) Level


1. Check to ensure your business meets the eligibility requirements

2. Apply for the program (this includes a short digital assessment) via our partner Digital Main Street.  Please note that creating an account does not mean that you have been accepted.

Digital Service Squad

3. Once you have applied and have been notified, you will be put into the queue for a visit from our local Digital Support Squad 

4. When it's your turn, a local Digital Service Squad Team member will contact you to discuss your application and prioritize how they can help you with your digital capabilities

Connections & Resources

5. Additional training opportunities from Business Link and Digital Main Street will be offered

6. You will be connected with people in your community that can provide further local resources

What We've Heard

What we've heard
Digital Economy Program - Nicole Struthers Testimonial
Digital Economy Program - Jessica Abramyk Testimonial


Your business is registered in Alberta

You have 0-49 employees

You are not a non-profit, charitable trust, franchise business or a multilevel marketing company

Community Partners

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Project Partners

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Let’s Work Together!

Jodie Eckert - Project Lead


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