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Our team's all time favourites.

Erica's specialties are websites, graphic design and email marketing. Erica loves to help small businesses as they're the backbone of our community. Erica is a local to Cochrane so she interacts with the small businesses we assist in her everyday life. She knows how important they are to the community and wants to see them thrive!

Alanthea is passionate about website development, social media marketing, and data management. She's driven by a genuine passion for online growth. Beyond work, Alanthea enjoys snowboarding, sewing, gardening, and cooking for loved ones, showcasing a dynamic blend of expertise and creativity in all aspects of her life.

Rylana has a background in Web Design & Development as well as events. Rylana loves helping companies with their social media and teaching them tips and tricks. She's thrilled to be part of the Digital Economy Program to make a meaningful impact in the community.

Katrina is skilled in marketing strategy, web design, and content creation, making her capable of handling any digital challenge. In addition, she is enthusiastic about utilizing technology to help business owners share their stories.

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